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Two sisters, who’s roots run deep down to the southern part of the beautiful Italian peninsula.

Insipred by their beloved mother, an accomplished tailor and admirable designer, who sparked the sisters’ joy for fashion, by letting them roam among the different fabric samples and vast colour palettes scattered around their home. Not only did she show them how a great garment is crafted from scratch, but she also taught them to be brave and believe in their freedom and independence.

Those core values – alongside a lot of love – are reflected in all of the sisters’ collections, where their inspiration, drawn from nature, travel, music and women themselves, is captured and combined into one unique blend.

«Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean»

Ryunosuke Satoro


The sisters share a loving connection to animals, nature and of course the ocean, which impacts their choice of materials used in their products. As almost lifelong vegetarians they are great advocates for animal rights and are strongly committed to producing 100% vegan clothing, by avoiding any animal-based materials, such as leather, silk, wool and cashmere.